Frequently Asked Questions

Are you really a member of the Spring team?

I joined the team in early 2010 and am currently the lead for Spring Data JPA, Spring Web Services, and have contributed to multiple portfolio projects including: Spring Boot, Spring Data REST, Spring Security, and Spring HATEOAS to name a few.

Some of your comments are wrong!

When I make videos or write articles, it is with a best effort basis. I try to be accurate, but I also make judgments on best methods to communicate concepts and ideas. I also make mistakes. If I do so, I can try to mend things, but there’s no guarantee I’m always right.

Are you available for consulting services?

My videos and articles are written as a form of community outreach, crafted in my spare time, not as part of my day job. This means I’m not able to look at individual projects, review your code, or comment on issues with your projects (unless done through Spring portfolio community support).

Why should I listen to your channel?

There are lots of channels and blog articles that talk about programming and Spring. Everyone has a different voice. I wanted to lend my own style of presentation to make things fun yet still be able to learn. That’s why I dubbed it “learning Spring Boot and have fun doing it!” My goal is for us BOTH to enjoy the experience of writing apps.

Let’s Stay in Touch

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